Sendmail Training

Sendmail Training

Erion is one of the few companies providing Sendmail training in the UK or the rest of the world. We have over sixteen years of experience of providing Sendmail training. Some of our trainers have been working with Sendmail for over eighteen years.

In addition to our long track record with Sendmail we are also very proud of our training materials. Our standard Sendmail course (listed below) has been developed over many years to cover just those areas that Sendmail administrators most need to know and understand. Anyone who has attempted to learn Sendmail from the documentation or from books will appreciate how difficult it can be to understand. Our training materials eliminate the difficulties and provide delegates with a working knowledge of Sendmail that is hard to get any other way.

Sendmail Training Options

IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

At Erion we have a number of Sendmail training options. We have a standard four day course (listed below) and we have other course material that we do not publicise. We can provide training through our scheduled public courses, as an on-site at your company or as a part of a consultancy package. The choice is yours.

We can also provide additional or tailored training depending on your specific needs. For example, we can provide advanced anti-spam training. Please contact us for details and a quote.

Sendmail Training

Comprehensive training on the open source email server application Sendmail.

4 days

£2860/$3640 Unix/Linux English