How to build, implement, configure, manage and secure Sendmail

• 4 days • £2860/$3640 • world-wide

You will learn:

  • How Sendmail works
  • To create files from scratch
  • To debug Sendmail configurations
  • How to use m4 macros for configuring Sendmail
  • To tailor Sendmail for your E-mail requirements
  • The security features of Sendmail and how to use them
  • Different methods of controlling relaying via Sendmail
  • To set up a Sendmail network


Course Benefits

This course gives the delegate a detailed understanding of e-mail systems and Sendmail.

Delegates will learn how to obtain, build, install configure, debug and manage Sendmail. They will also gain experience with advanced techniques, such as, relaying, masquerading, SMTP AUTH and TLS.

After completing the course delegates will be able to implement and manage complex Sendmail configurations. They will know how to configure Sendmail by hand or using the m4 Macros.


Who should attend?

This course is ideal network support staff. Delegates should already have an appreciation of UNIX/Linux and E-mail. Even current administrators of Sendmail systems can benefit from this course's comprehensive and detailed coverage of Sendmail.


Course Contents

Email Basics

  • What is Email?
  • Structure of Email messages
  • Email headers
  • SMTP, IMAP and POP
  • E-mail Systems
  • User Agents (UA)
  • Message Transfer Agents (MTA)
  • Relay Agents (RA)
  • Delivery Agents (DA)

Overview of Sendmail

  • The roles of Sendmail
  • Sendmail files and directories
  • The Sendmail commands
  • Sendmail standards
  • Sendmail as a User Agent

An Overview of Configuring Sendmail

  • Different approaches
  • Understanding
  • Options, Macros & Classes
  • Header Formats
  • Mailers
  • Rules & Rulesets
  • LHS & RHS operators
  • Overview of standard Rulesets
  • Aliases
  • Testing and debugging

Special Sendmail Rulesets

  • Purpose of ruleset 0
  • standard Mailers
  • The error mailer
  • [IPC] mailers
  • local mailer
  • The purpose of ruleset 3
  • Legal & canonical addresses
  • Testing ruleset 3
  • The purpose of 1 & S=
  • Defining and using these rulesets
  • Aside on Ruleset 4
  • Purpose of ruleset 5

The check_* Rulesets

  • Purpose of check_* rulesets
  • Using check_* rulesets
  • Other ruleset hooks

Using m4 Sendmail Macros

  • Configuring
  • Understanding m4
  • A basic
  • Layout of
  • Adding to rulesets
  • Adding to configuration

Compiling and Installing Sendmail

  • Obtaining & installing the source
  • Creating a site_config file
  • The Build command
  • Creating an initial
  • Installing Sendmail
  • Security issues


  • An overview m4 FEATUREs
  • Key files and their purpose
  • The access file
  • Relaying & Anti-spam
  • Masquerading

Sendmail SMTP AUTH

  • The need for authentication
  • SASL
  • Building Sendmail with SASL
  • Configuring SMTP SASL
  • Different configurations

Using TLS with Sendmail

  • The need for security
  • Secure Sockets Layer
  • Transport Layer Security
  • Cryptography principles
  • X.509 Infrastructure
  • Sendmail and TLS


Practical Work

During the course there will be practicals for each module. Delegates will have the opportunity to configure Sendmail from scratch using the techniques described in this course. Each delegate will have their own Sendmail server to work on during the course.


The Lecturers

All our trainers are practising Sendmail consultants with extensive experience. They are ideally suited to bringing you the highest quality of training.



Our courses are available world-wide in our virtual classrooms accompanied by virtual labs. We also deliver on-site training and public training at venues around the world.

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